Recently I have been in a discussion with my best friend. She eats most of her veggies and fruits raw, but cooks her lentils and beans and other grains. We both agreed that health wise it is best for your body to eat plants raw because you destroy the nutrition while cooking it. But what about rice, lentils and beans? You can’t eat them raw – or so we thought, until I came across a raw hummus recipe. She just sprouted the chickpeas and made hummus out of it.

That revolutionized both our way of looking at the raw vegan diet. Therefore, you can get all the nutrition from grains – you just have to sprout them.
I sprouted mungo beans for quite a while, but didn’t know that you can basically sprout anything you want, if it’s just dried and not refined. I soaked buckwheat, red lentils, chickpeas and mungo beans overnight, and sprouted them like I normally do with my mungo beans.

The result: Its day 3 now and they are ready to eat! So, if you want to eat nutrition packed raw grains, check out my description down below.


Step 1: Soak
Soak your preferred grains over night for at least 12 hours in a jar (or if you own one of these fancy sprouting glasses use that one)

Step 2: Wash and water them
wash them several times and then make sure all the water flows out of the glass. They sit in the dry. Now wash them out 2-3 times a day.

Step 3: watch and eat
After 2 days, you can see how the root and plant come out of the grain and start growing. You can wait a little longer or start eating it like that.

mungo beans and red lentils day 2 and day 3

Step 4: comment
I’ m curious how it’s working for you guys. Let me know what beans you used. Anyone tried kidney beans yet?

Now that I know how it done, I’m going to make bigger glasses of sprouts and experiment with recipes… updates following soon ;)