This weekend I went to the streetfoodfastival in Lucerne. I love traveling not only for stunning landscapes and amazing people but also for the new culinary tastes. So I had to check out the food stalls from all over the world at the festival.

I was curious what I could eat as a vegan and how the staff would react to my container that I brought with me. Spoiler: It was a positive surprise!

There were two containers, my drinking bottle and cutlery in my jute bag. A befriended couple, my boyfriend and I were hungry, curious and well prepared to hit the festival.

Our first stop was an Anatolian food stand: There, we found vegan Köfte and Börek.The lovely lady behind the stand was delighted to fill the food into my container instead of the disposable plate. She said that Lucerne is one step ahead of the world. It wasn’t the first time I got take-away food in a container I brought with me, but people normally react with confused looks. So I was rather proud that not only my two friends were surprised and pleased to my eco-friendly way of eating take-away food.

At the kenian food stand, I got positive feedback as well. The lady smiled and said „good idea!“. I got my Mahamri with beans and coconut milk in my container. It was super delicious and gave me new ideas for recipes that I hopefully can cook soon…

We simply cleaned out the containers between the next portion. Otherwise you could clean it with water in the bathrooms or with a towel or a piece of bread.

At the end we got indian lentils with rice and a piece of banana bread (for that we used the clean container lid). For the coffee lovers: Bring your reusable coffee cups and use them ;)

Therefore, it is possible to gourmet around the planet in vegan, zero waste and eco-friendly.
I was able to eat myself through the festival and get a lot of compliments for my efford of bringing a container. Next to the vegan food that I have tried, there was brasilian and heaps of other asian menues that were vegan.
No one can say that you dont have options and fun as a vegan and zero waste living woman ;)